This is my entry for The Adobe 5th Scream Contest (#MunchContest), where you have to get the digitally recreated original brushes of Edvard Munch and create your own version of the Scream.

I know there are thousand versions of this famous painting and even more parodies.

I read the biography of Edvard Munch (a very interesting and sad one) and got inspired by his famous diary notes, where he wrote:

"I went along the road with two friends – the sun set
I felt like a breath of sadness -
The sky suddenly became bloodish red
I stopped, leant against the fence, tired to death - watched over the
flaming clouds as blood and sword the city - the blue-black fjord and the city
- My friends went away - I stood there shivering from dread - and
I felt this big, infinite scream through nature"

So, I tried to express the despair and oppression by putting the landscape inside the character and zooming him in.

I used Adobe Photoshop CC for all the process.

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